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Supporting Sensory Sensitive Customers

Restaurants, bars, and pubs are missing out on £163 million every month due to accessibility issues. But fear not – creating an inclusive space doesn't have to break the bank.

In this blog post, we'll explore simple, low-cost ways to support individuals with sensory sensitivity, helping you tap into a broader customer base without draining your budget.

Simple Solutions for Sensory Sensitivity

  1. Provide noise-cancelling headphones

  2. Offer quiet seating areas away from high noise levels.

  3. Use adjustable lighting or provide dimming options

  4. Create a sensory-friendly menu with clear descriptions and visuals.

  5. Train staff to be aware of sensory sensitivities and accommodate requests.

  6. Designate quiet hours or days for individuals with sensory sensitivities.


Inclusivity is key for a thriving business. By making these simple changes, you're not just breaking down barriers – you're creating a welcoming space that benefits your community and boosts your business.

Start small, make a big impact, and watch your venue become a beacon of accessibility in the hospitality industry.

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